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Our Cloth Diapering Story

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When Trillian was born, we didn't think about having a choice to cloth diaper. Personally I didn't know it was an option and my husband never brought it up. 

Some time in the first week or so home we went out to look for nipple shields with the shape I wanted, so we tried a store that David's mom (an amazing lactation consultant) had suggested. It was a baby store and when we went in, they had a wall of cloth diapers and I wasn't really sure of what I was looking at. The lady at the counter had mentioned there was a free class that weekend and that it could save us money. That Saturday I rolled over in bed and asked David if he wanted to go to the cloth class and he said no, we probably wouldn't want to do it anyway. 

We had a couple gift cards to Toys R Us from our baby shower and a couple weeks in we ended up using it to get the stuff we still needed after she was born. That shopping trip was expensive and I felt like we didn't get much. We got some expensive laundry soap and diapers; we got other things too, but those are the things I remember. When we ran out of diapers two weeks later, we bought another case on Amazon but basically said there has to be a better way! This was about a month in.

Remembering back to the suggested cloth class, I asked him what he knew about cloth diapers, which wasn't much so we spent the day researching the different types. Eventually we decided that we would go with prefolds and covers because they seemed to be the most cost efficient. We turned to Amazon and ordered some Osocozy prefolds (2 packs of 6) and some Gerber prefolds (2 packs of 10) We got some Snappis and a few shells, all on Amazon. Those worked great and did the job but quickly I wanted to see what else was out there. 

I wanted to try a bunch of different types of cloth diapers so we ordered covers and pocket diapers directly from China. Some were better than others but it was never really consistent. We did find that the double gussetted diapers seemed to hold in the liquid better. I found a place online that sold diapers really cheap from in the US. I was paying a little more per diaper but the quality was a bit more consistent and it didn't take a month to get. I was still changing her once every hour with these pockets but again I didn't know what was normal. I was in a new baby haze. I upgraded to their bamboo inserts which gave me an extra few minutes. That company also sold all-in-ones for just a dollar more, so I bought a bunch of those because they lasted about the same amount of time, but I didn't have to do much for them. Just wash and put on. Repeat. Eventually she was just peeing too much for the built in absorbency so we'd throw an insert on the top. and that seemed to work.

A couple weeks in, David's mom had bought us a Best Bottom and set of inserts and we absolutely loved them so we bought a couple more. We didn't think about this at the time, but Trillian maybe pooed once every few days, so using inserts with her at only a month and a half was just fine for us. If she pooed several times each day, we may have held off using the inserts. 

I was still looking at rummage sales and craigslist looking for good cloth diaper deals even though I had way more than anyone would need. A friend mentioned she was having a rummage sale so to get out of the house, Miss Trillian and I went over there and she introduced me to GroVia. If she used GroVia I should use GroVia. I bought a couple of the ones she was selling because I hadn't tried them before, looking back I should've bought them all. Oh well. 

I liked the idea of the all-in-ones and someone at book babies had suggested the Imagine diapers. They were less expensive than most of the other American brands, I figured I'd try it out. I got the Trumpet pattern - It was soo very cute and worked a lot better than the no name cheap all-in-ones. I was happy with the quality, the absorbency and the cuteness, but I wanted to see what else they had. I was hooked.

I tried lots of brands and styles and some of them were worse than the original direct from China diapers I tried. We have recently put all of our pockets in a tote, even the better ones. We also put away any of the diapers we don't reach for. Our diaper collection is now a manageable amount, still more than anyone needs, but the better quality items and easiest to use.

When we started the store I really wanted to sell good quality items that were affordable. I offer the lowest prices I can based on wholesale agreements. There are maybe two other brands that I would carry, that I don't  currently, but they cost about twice as much and the quality is probably about the same. 

I don't suggest going the path that I did to find out which diapers to go with. If you have any questions, feel free to message on facebook or email: sarah@ramonatram.com 

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