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Newborn Options

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A lot of one size diapers don't fit newborns. Their legs are too small and so they don't fit right and cause leaks. You don't want that. There are some options that we offer at Ram on a Tram that can fit properly allowing you to start cloth diapering right in the hospital if you want. 

  • All-in-2 (AI2) Shells and Prefolds, Flats, or Newborn Fitteds (5-13 lbs) 
    • Best Bottoms sizes start at 6 lbs. 
    • GroVia AI2 sizes start at 8 lbs.
    • Imagine AI2 sizes start at 8 lbs.
  • Newborn All-in-One Options
    • GroVia Newborn All-in-One (5-12 lbs)
    • Imagine Newborn All-in-One (5-13 lbs)
    • Bum Genius Littles (6-12 lbs)
  • Imagine One Size Covers (sizes start at 8 lbs) and Prefolds, Flats, or Newborn Fitteds 
  • Imagine Newborn Covers with Prefolds, Flats, or Newborn Fitteds (5-13 lbs)
  • Wool Cover and Prefolds, Flats, or Newborn Fitteds (5-13 lbs)

Honestly, the All-in-2 option is probably the cheapest in the long run, since you can use them as hybrids once they are a bit older, just by adding inserts. (You don't need to switch to inserts, but they are quite convenient.)

The all-in-one options are the easiest since you don't have to fold the prefold around the baby each time and it's most like a disposable diaper. 

When done with newborn diapers, you can resell, donate (we are a drop off for donating diapers), save for the next kiddo, or use as doll diapers! If you chose to use prefolds, they make good rags for burping or cleaning or whatever you would use rags for.

The most breathable option is a wool cover and a fitted or prefold. Breathability can help with sensitive skin or some kinds of diaper rash. 

When you use prefolds with a newborn, it's a good idea to wrap it around the baby using a snappi or safety pins as opposed to opting for tri-folding. Wrapping allows for all around coverage which is especially good for explosive poops. 

When babies are newborns, their poo can be like tar. There are liner options to make the clean up easier. Once their poo is no longer like tar, you don't need to worry about cleaning the poo out before washing since it is water soluble and shouldn't stain the diapers. Once they start on solids, you'll want to remove the solids before washing. 

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