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A Way to Afford Cloth Diapers

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The initial purchase of cloth diapers can be overwhelming. If it is suggested to have at least 24 diapers, and each diaper is  $6.50 (prefolds and covers) and up plus the cost of wet bags, a diaper sprayer and other accessories that make cloth diapering easier, it can add up quickly. Realistically a good set of cloth diapers plus accessories can cost upwards of around $500 (which is still quite a bit less than disposables) but for some it can be difficult to come up with the cash up front so I have one solution that may be feasible and cost about the same as disposables over the same amount of time.

A lot of people pay around $40 every two weeks for disposables; They can be less with coupons, sales and really can depend on which brand, but they can also cost more. Anyway, over 6 months you can spend almost $500 in disposables. (Think about paying that until they're 3!) 

Obviously getting cloth diapers for your baby shower or bought by someone else is ideal, but we don't all think about that before baby comes and we don't all have that luxury.  So how do you pay that much all at once? On the website we have an option to use PayPal Credit. As long as you have the credit available, they will give you 6 months to pay off your purchase. Let's say you paid $480 for your total. You could pay $40 every two weeks and have your entire amount paid off just as you would pay for your disposables. 

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