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About Me

I'm Sarah! I was a stay at home mommy of the lovely Trillian who you will see modeling my products throughout the site. While I was pregnant I became incredibly interested in sewing and I started making all sorts of things and never stopped; I made embroidered hand towels, wall decorations, clothing, a giant monster costume, and so many bags: tote bags, duffel bags, wet bags for dish towels, and a wine bottle carrier. When Trillian came along my sewing focus turned to all things baby: cute little outfits, blankets, bibs, and more bags.

The Trillian Travels

I wanted Trillian to have a playmat that was easy to lug around that she could interact with. Since I had been making a lot of bags I figured, why not make it a bag too! Using hardware and some fabric I already had, I made my initial tote. I found as many textured fabrics as I could and grabbed some ribbon to add interactivity. It didn't take long and I had a practical yet fun playmat for my little one.

After using the playmat for a while, I decided that everyone should have one so I made a new and improved design which is now available in my store.

The Store

I wanted a way to sell the Trillian Travels but I didn't want to use somebody else's store to do so. Since I was making my store anyway, I thought I should sell more than one product. I decided to sell items that I was making for Trillian anyway and to offer embroidery for some of the items. I also really wanted to offer some of the baby items that I would use with my little girl at a reasonable price.

Ram on a Tram

If I was going to have a store, I needed a name. I wanted something fun and a little silly but worked and was available (as a website). I played around with a lot of different names, searched for the initial ideas on the internet to see if they were taken and was disappointed a lot before I decided on the name Ram on a Tram. Then of course I had to draw it! I had fun drawing the logo. Woohoo!

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